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Tux For Oracle Recruiting Cloud

TUX for ORC creates a seamless transition from your corporate website into Oracle Recruiting Cloud by customizing ORC to match your branding. Contact the TUX team today to find out if TUX is right for you.


  • 100% On-Platform

    TUX is a 100% on-platform user experience and branding solution for ORC. TUX completely eliminates the need for bolt-on solutions or screen scraping.

  • User-Centric Design

    TUX empowers organizations to customize its ORC candidate experience to showcase the culture that makes the company special. The right design attracts the right talent—and the right talent is easier to retain.

  • Fully Responsive Design

    TUX allows job seekers to access ORC-powered career experiences on the device type of their choice—from job search to apply.

  • Real-Time Data

    TUX seamlessly integrates with the ORC platform, allowing all updates to be instantly available to candidates.

  • Fully Localized

    TUX supports every language available in ORC today.


TUX was instrumental in enhancing our candidate experience and elevating our employer brand. Plus, working with their team has been wonderful.

Karen Wong
Program Manager
Panda Restaurant Group

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